High Tech Ergonomics: The Kneeling Chair

kneeling chairSince the introduction of the kneeling chair more and more products are flooding the market place. One product which has come out as a strong contender is the Office Star ergonomically designed knee chair with casters. The chair is specifically designed to relieve back pain and therefore prolong an individuals’ ability to do office work.

The kneeling chair weighs about 20 pounds and comes in dimensions of 25.2 x 1 x 20.5. Some of the key features of the chair include;

  • Ergonomically designed chair: http://www.Modeets.com/kneeling-chairs. This means that the chair is specifically designed to improve posture and reverse severe back pain. This will in turn optimize productivity while at the same time reduce discomfort and fatigue associated with doing office work.
  • Seat cushion made from memory foam. The advantage of using memory foam is that the material molds in response to the body’s pressure and temperature to provide comfort. The foam allows even distribution of body weight and quickly recovers to its original shape once pressure is removed.
  • The kneeling chair is made from metal with a black finishing. Although the chair may be a bit bulky the metal ensures durability and means that it will last longer than products made from wood or plastic.
  • An open angled position ensures that consumers are able to properly position their spine and diaphragm which promotes better blood circulation and breathing

A quick look online shows that the product scores a 4-star rating with over 90 customer reviews on the product: www.Modeets.com/kneeling-chairs/reviews. The chair has been heavily praised for its design and ability to relieve back strain as one satisfied customer puts it “it’s a good chair”. However the product has also been criticized for its lack of geometry, one disgruntled customer notes that “it seems that the chair was designed for taller people”.

Overall the chair is a pretty solid product that you might want to consider if you are in the market for a kneeling chair.

Where to Play Games Online for Free

angry birdsOnline gaming is getting quite popular this decade. Apart from enjoying gameplay online gamers have an opportunity to connect and compete with other gamers. Multi-player games are enjoyed at the same level as single player game. Online gaming allows people to share their scores across social media and invite friends to the games they play. The games are available in wide variety of genres. Most of the online games do not require payment.

Gamer Lion is an online resource for people to come and play free games.  As an online gamer, you can expect to see a wide variety on this site. Their games are free of cost to play for full length of game.

Mini clip games:
It could be said as the gaming hub for players of all ages. Mini clip game network also gives a lot of value to community , thus enabling visitors to have profiles on their network. Kids under 13 have to fill a special form for registration. This site is completely kid friendly.

Zapak Games:
If you are an avid fan of flash animated games , Zapak is the exact gaming site for you. It is launched by Reliance Industries and its building a massive gamers base in India with their promotions. New games and a variants are added everyday and most of their games are free. 

Browser games:
Thanks to development of Flash and Java , web browsers have become sophisticated and amazing place for complex games. Most browser games support multi-player option and many don’t require charge. Adventure Quest Worlds, Runescape, Tribal Wars and Candy Crush Saga are among the best free of cost browser games on the web. 

Strategy games:
Real time strategy games allow multiplayer game session over Internet or a local network. The lobbies are present for players from different part of the globe to meet each other and players are automatically matched with opponents. Some free real time strategy games include Age of Empires , League of Legends , Dota and many more. Some advanced objects and higher levels are unlocked with game points earned.

The Ultimate Electric Razor Review

electric razor from braun

The importance of an electric razor is paramount, as its involvement with the maintenance of your physical appearance is one of the utmost importance. No one wants to look scruffy and unkempt for whatever jobs or meetings they have to attend. You do not want that five o’clock shadow sitting on your cheeks while Johnson schmoozes with the boss. So look into one of these nifty tools, or just have me do it for you. Which I did. You’re welcome. Now here are the cliff notes for what we are working with.

What’s best electric shaver?  The best market for the razor you are looking for is the Philips Noreco Series 8000 which would run you about $200. Obviously that is absolutely insane and no one in their right mind would spend two hundred dollars on a razor. But if your goal is to brush up that nasty stubble and get yourself looking clean and fighting fit, the Series 3000 is a much more modest fifty dollars in cost. That means that you now have one hundred and sixty dollars saved to throw at the race tracks or buying the largest piece of bubblegum in the tri-county area. Why? Because you can.

Do not waste your time buying one of those crappy little twenty dollar insults to the fine art of shaving with a tiny mechanized stick. It is an art form and substandard products are an insult to this highest form of art. Michelangelo would have chosen an electric razor over a brush or chisel any day. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a razor is that it is going to go on your face and try not to cut you. This business is one of those more serious about the phrase, “What you pay is what you get,” and if you pay substandard you are going to get substandard. That is the electric razor guarantee.

Hacking Wedding Costs

great marriage photoWeddings can be quite expensive, and all couples are looking for ways to reduce wedding costs. Couples find that their budget is over-extended; they may have to take loans and use all the savings. However, there are many unnecessary things included in the budget which can be used to trim the budget to the core, and still present a unique and exciting occasion. http://ejcreative.com.au/6-smart-ways-to-save-money-on-your-wedding

Videographers and photographers are paid by the hour, so the longer the occasion the more you will have to pay. Today’s brides are shortening the hours simply by going straight from the church to the reception and scheduling a professional photo shoot after the reception. This gives enough time for photographs, and sends guests home early reducing the amount to be paid and time spent.

Flowers can take up as much as food in your budget. As many florists will indicate, flowers in themselves especially when they are in season are not expensive; the high costs come from designing the arrangements a painstaking process that takes up much time and energy. To save on costs, focus more on flowers that are important and these are your bridal bouquet and those of the bridesmaids. Avoid centerpieces as they are costly, and will not really play a part in the pictures and videos.

Just because you are focused on saving costs doesn’t mean your occasion should be boring. Booking a musical talent for the reception can be quite expensive. Instead look for unknown talent, perhaps even those who are part time entertainers. They come at a much cheaper price and provide even better services.

Today’s many brides are finding that renting a gown is much cheaper that actually purchasing and tailoring one, which would cost you more than double. Reducing wedding costs is more about being creative and making your own unique services.